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Maintenance of asphalt pavement is what overlay is all about. A pavement overlay is the application of a layer of bituminous paving to an existing paved surface which adds structural capacity, rideability, comfort, and skid resistance, all while adding pleasing aesthetics.

Pavement deterioration is cumulative and generally will deteriorate at an ever increasing rate. Factors including weather, traffic levels, lack of maintenance, etc, all contribute to the deterioration of asphalt.

An overlay which is done correctly can save you money in the long term. If routine maintenance is not performed, restoration costs can be several times higher. An overlay can give you a new surface at a fraction of the cost of completing a new driveway down to its stone base.

Most any project is a candidate for overlay if the existing stone base is stable and the asphalt pavement is structurally sound. Contact us for answers to any asphalt overlay questions you might have.

Contact B & S Contracting Inc today at 540-886-8886 to get a free estimate on your next asphalt project, or browse our website for more information about asphalt paving or surface treatment.

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